Products affecting potency in men

A man's nutrition determines how strong his potency will be. A large number of foods strengthen sexual desire and erection. At the same time, fatty and sweet foods, including fast food, are often harmful to men's health. To achieve good potency, you need to revise your daily diet.

what foods affect male potency

Foods and trace elements

To understand which foods affect potency, you need to know their chemical composition. A representative of the stronger sex needs various trace elements for good potency. Conversely, there are substances that negatively affect testosterone production and blood circulation in the genital area.

First of all, pay attention to the list of nutrients:

  • Zinc.It is the material through which the body builds the male sex hormone, testosterone. If zinc is lacking in the body, it will be difficult to improve male potency. Also, this mineral has a good restorative effect;
  • Chromium.Improves blood circulation in the genital area. And free access of blood to the penis is the key to a good erection. Also, chromium helps prevent adenoma and prostatitis;
  • Selenium.Makes vessels and capillaries wider and their walls stronger. Therefore, a man needs a sufficient amount of selenium for good potency and stable erection;
  • Vitamin C.Helps prevent such a dangerous disease for potency as prostatitis. Strengthens the immune system, destroys harmful microorganisms in the prostate gland. Promotes good testosterone levels;
  • Vitamin E.Improves blood circulation in the corpus cavernosum of the penis, providing a high level of potency. Helps prevent stagnant processes in the male reproductive system;
  • Vitamin B.Restores male sexual desire. Essential to maintain correct male hormone levels.

Food aphrodisiacs

Among the food products, there are rarely those that will help a man to forget about impotence on the same day. These properties are sometimes endowed with the stomach of a camel and an oyster. In fact, this information is closer to legends and folk recipes. Although these dishes actually quickly improve male potency.

To increase potency, it is necessary to solve two problems: improve blood circulation and restore high testosterone levels. This cannot be achieved in a few days. But periodically including in your diet the foods that we recommend, you will notice an improvement in 1-2 months. Eat a variety of foods to maintain good potency.

Camel stomach

Yes, this is an exotic delicacy, and it is difficult to get it. But even doctors-andrologists do not deny how this product raises the potency.

In eastern countries, the stomach of a camel has been used for many centuries. The product must be dried. It is thanks to him that many Arab men retain good potency even after fifty years.

Like pills, camel stomach jerky should be consumed about half an hour before sex. The effect of nutrients will be noticeable almost instantly. Moreover, to achieve the effect, you need a piece of stomach the size of a bean.

Fish and seafood

The strongest effect on male potency is flounder. It is advisable not to fry it - it is much better to steam it. This way you will preserve the maximum of nutrients. There are all the necessary vitamins here, most of the minerals a man needs for potency.

the benefits of seafood for male potency

Mackerel also works well. This is a fatty fish, it contains a large amount of fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on potency. Improves not only the sexual activity of a man, but also the quality, volume, vitality of his sperm.

In other varieties of fish, you can also find a rich content of trace elements useful for potency. However, it is better to choose marine species. The benefits of river fish for potency are present, but compared to sea fish, it is minimal.

Crayfish, crabs, mussels and squid also work great on male libido. Avoid frying and grilling when cooking them. You should also cook seafood for a short time - otherwise both the taste and the effect on potency will worsen.

Caviar is highlighted in a separate line. It contains a large supply of trace elements necessary for potency. And it is not so important whether you have chosen an expensive variety of caviar or a cheaper one.


If you list the products that affect male potency, oysters will be one of the first. Already in the Middle Ages, wealthy ladies knew that a couple of oysters for a snack in the evening would give their husband a fighting spirit. This product contains a large energy reserve of essential amino acids. They dramatically stimulate the synthesis of testosterone in the male body, and provide excellent potency.

the benefits of eating oysters for potency

It is best to have the oysters harvested during the spring. During this period, the nutrients in their proteins are the most. Remember that oysters cannot be cooked. They must be alive and raw. They are usually flavored with lemon juice before being eaten.

However, constantly and in large quantities, oysters will harm the body. Including - for potency. The point is that they contain a little mercury. This percentage is imperceptible if they are consumed no more than once a week.


This product is rich in vitamins of groups E and B. Zinc is also present in large quantities here, which is so necessary for a man for good potency. But the secret of nuts is that it contains a special substance, arginine, which directly strengthens the male erection.

Most varieties of nuts are suitable for natural treatment of impotence. But cedar is stronger than others. You need to eat pine nuts straight from the cones, otherwise the beneficial effects will be reduced. Nutmeg is also very good, but remember that it can only be used as a seasoning. Otherwise, you can easily get food poisoning.

Nuts can be used not only in pure form, but also in chopped form - as a seasoning. So they can be added to a dietary fruit salad, or a thick steak - of your choice.

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh is an excellent source of vitamins. Oranges, cabbage, asparagus, celery, beets, carrots, apples, pumpkin, strawberries, bananas work best. Together, these natural products will have a complex effect on potency. They will also help in the prevention of prostatitis.

what fruits are good for potency

Also, pay attention to fresh greenery, especially if it's summer outside. Just 100 g of freshly plucked parsley will be enough to cover the daily need for vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables will be especially beneficial in the form of fresh juices. Among the latter, pumpkin stands out in a separate line. The maximum effect for potency is achieved if you add a tablespoon of celery juice to a glass of pumpkin juice.

Ginger tea

This natural drink is a real storehouse of nutrients and vitality. Ginger tea helps:

  • Strengthen blood vessels and capillaries;
  • Make the blood thinner;
  • Remove harmful substances from the prostate;
  • Increase male sexual activity.
preparing and drinking ginger tea to improve potency

To prepare this drink for potency, take a couple of centimeters of ginger root. We reduce the dense peel, chop it as much as possible. Pour boiling water over the resulting gruel. The tea will be ready in ten minutes. To make it more pleasant to drink, add honey, lemon juice to taste. Note that fresh ginger root is much stronger than dried ginger.

Harmful products

To maintain a strong potency and a stable erection, a man needs to avoid the following foods:

  • Smoked meats.If consumed constantly, they slowly but surely infect the testicles. The result is low testosterone levels and decreased potency;
  • Alcoholic drinks.They poison the body as a whole, impair blood circulation and the synthesis of the male hormone. Especially dangerous is beer, which leads to an increase in estrogen, a female hormone in a man's body;
  • Carbonated drinks and lemonades.They contain a lot of sugar, which is harmful from an endocrinological point of view and causes obesity;
  • Exciting drinks.This includes energy drinks, tea, coffee. If consumed in large quantities, products containing caffeine negatively affect potency;
  • Processing products of corn and soybeans.Poorly absorbed by the male body, they harm healthy potency. In the long term, lead to an increased level of estrogen;
  • White bread with yeast.It leads to obesity, and being overweight impairs the circulation of the male organs. It also harms the synthesis of testosterone and directly lowers the potency of a man.