How to increase the potency of a man with folk remedies?

how to increase male potency with folk remedies

Folk remedies for potency increase are widely used. What methods, recipes are the most effective and will help you quickly cope with the problem?

Medicinal herbs

Before using folk remedies to increase potency, decoctions, and other methods that increase male libido, you need to consult your doctor. Reduced male potency can be a sign of prostatitis, prostate adenoma. In addition, herbal ingredients can cause allergies. Therefore, it is imperative to consult with a doctor about what methods to use.

Will a man be able to improve potency with folk remedies? Of course yes! Medicinal herbs have the ability to dilate blood vessels, restore blood circulation, and affect smooth muscles. Almost always, male potency decreases against the background of blood stagnation or in the presence of an infectious inflammation of the prostate gland. The male member becomes flaccid, does not achieve hardness for intercourse. Herbs that increase libido will help to quickly get rid of congestion, remove the infection.

Recipes and ways to increase potency with folk remedies

  1. Nettle (100 g of chopped grass) is infused in 300 ml of boiling water, taken 3 times before meals. Thanks to the components of nettle, urinary functions are stimulated, metabolism is improved. An equally effective composition will turn out if you mix equal amounts of nettle seed, red wine, honey. Take 3 times before meals. The method is especially effective after 50 years.
  2. Potency can be raised with the help of ginseng root. It is a powerful stimulant of potency for men and allows you to quickly restore it. To raise libido, you need to mix 0. 5 tbsp. l. crushed root, honey (2 tbsp. l. ). Take 4 times 1 tsp.
  3. An increase in libido will occur if you turn on the intake of thyme. It is considered one of the most beneficial for men. It is used to prevent adenoma, impotence, prostatitis. The main element is zinc. It helps to normalize hormone production. 100 g of dried inflorescences are poured over 200 g of boiling water, they are drunk during the day.
  4. Calamus also plays an important role in enhancing potency in men. With this herb, you can quickly achieve the desired effect. The rhizome is chewed like chewing gum 3 times. You can make a tincture from the root: 2 tbsp. l. crushed calamus root is poured with 150 ml of vodka. Will instruct 3 days, take 10 drops 3 times. The method is recommended after 50, 60 years. Calamus will help firm up the male organ.
  5. St. John's wort (100 g) boil for 10 minutes in 300 ml of water. Insist for a day. Drink 3-4 times a day for 50 g. The mixture restores blood circulation in a man.
  6. Parsnip has tonic, anti-inflammatory properties. 100 g of herbs are poured with boiling water, insisted for 3 hours, drunk as tea 4 times.
  7. 150 g of mountain ash, 50 g of wild rose, 50 g of gooseberry leaves, pour 1 liter of water, boil the broth for 20 minutes. After cooling down, drink 3 times 200 ml.
  8. Hemp seed is fried a little, taken before meals for 1 tsp. At the same time, metabolism and blood circulation are restored. It will be possible to raise the male potency already 3-4 days after taking the composition.
  9. 200 g of Dubrovnik is infused for 3 days in 400 ml of vodka. You need to take the tincture before meals 5 times, 30 drops each. If you take a decoction, do gymnastics, use other methods, then male potency will be restored in a week.
  10. Anemone (100 g) is poured with boiling water (250 ml). Drink the broth no more than 2 times for 1 tsp. The plant is poisonous, so the dosage cannot be exceeded. The restoration of libido will occur in 3-4 days.
  11. Roots of pink rhodiola are crushed, filled with water in a ratio of 1: 2, checked in a steam bath for 10 minutes. The composition is taken in 100 ml 3 times. After 40, 50, 60 years - the method is especially relevant.
  12. An increase in potency will occur if you eat garlic every day. It dilates blood vessels, prevents the development of neoplastic diseases, restores potency in a man. The phytoncides contained in garlic help to restore the functions of the prostate gland. You need to eat 2 cloves of garlic per day. By the way, lemon removes an unpleasant garlic smell.
  13. It is useful to drink milk with garlic to restore potency. In 250 ml of warm milk put 1 tbsp. l. chopped garlic. The composition is boiled over low heat for 2 minutes. Then it is filtered through a fine sieve. Drink 2 tbsp. l. after eating during the day. The method should be applied after the age of 40 so that the male organ regains its former strength.

Honey and propolis

For a long time, beekeeping products were considered effective for enhancing erection, used as folk remedies to increase potency.

In the old days, men always ate honey with walnuts.

How to increase potency with folk remedies using bee products:

  1. Grind the product.
  2. Pour with vodka in proportions 1: 2.
  3. Make the mass homogeneous.
  4. Infuse the mixture for 2 weeks, shaking the container occasionally.
  5. Strain.

Add 35 drops to warm milk (200 ml) 3-4 times every day and drink 20 minutes before eating.

The wax cake that remains after the push-up should never be thrown away. It can be used to make rectal suppositories for men. Moreover, they are considered effective for restoring libido.

It's quite easy to make them at home:

  1. Put wax cake in a container, add vodka (ratio 1: 1).
  2. Boil in the first bath until the composition acquires a dark brown hue and thickens.
  3. Add any fat (pork, badger) without removing from the steam bath. The proportion is 1: 1.
  4. Stir the composition well and form candles. Keep them in the refrigerator for a day.

Some traditional healers, in order to increase potency, recommend adding another ingredient to candles for men - aloe juice. The leaves of a plant older than three years are crushed, and the juice is squeezed out. Moreover, after they are cut, it is necessary to support them in the freezer for 5-6 hours. Experts say that, in this way, nutrients are gaining maximum strength. At least 2 tbsp is added to the composition. l. aloe juice. Improvement and restoration of potency will occur after a week.

It is forbidden to use such methods for those men who have an allergic reaction to bee products. This method is recommended for men from 40 to 60 years old. The male member will recover very quickly.

Miracle Pumpkin

You can enhance male potency by using pumpkin seeds. Many are skeptical about this method and in vain! Pumpkin seed contains a large number of components that help to quickly restore male potency. The seeds should be crushed raw (! ), Mixed in equal amounts with honey and taken 5-6 times, 1 tbsp. l.

Pumpkin seed oil also effectively helps to get rid of problems with potency in men. In the same way, female potency is restored. The presence of a large amount of zinc in the oil makes it indispensable for men.

After all, it is this element that contributes to the normal production of hormones and helps restore male libido. In addition, zinc normalizes the functioning of the prostate gland, restores reproductive function. To improve potency, zinc is one of the most important elements.

Oil is especially important for prostatitis. In addition to all the listed properties, the product has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil should be taken 3 times, 1 tsp. within 2 months. The product tastes good, so there will be no problems with reception. It is possible to increase libido using this method as early as 4 days after taking it.

To improve potency, traditional healers recommend making medicinal enemas with pumpkin seed oil as an effective therapy. It is advisable to carry out the procedure 2 times - in the morning and in the evening. It is recommended to inject 100 g of oil. This is quite enough for the normal functioning of the prostate gland and improving the potency in a man.

Aspen bark

When male potency decreases, men immediately ask themselves what methods and methods can be used to restore it? It is possible to increase potency, not only male, but also female, with the help of aspen bark.

What properties does the bark have:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • pain reliever;
  • diuretic;
  • general tonic;
  • antifungal.

Conifers contain phagocytes and flavonoids. Therefore, decoctions, tinctures based on them are used very widely for the treatment of any diseases, not only in men, but also in women. The elements that make up the bark restore the immune system in a man, improve blood circulation, have a positive effect on the respiratory system, calm the nervous system, and help to quickly increase male libido. Often a deterioration in potency occurs against the background of stress, anxiety and other emotional outbursts. By using aspen bark, a man will become calmer and restore libido. Improving potency will not keep you waiting. Erection in men will recover after 5-6 days.

It should be noted that there are practically no contraindications to the use of aspen bark decoctions. The ban applies only to those men who are allergic to this plant and those who have gastrointestinal diseases. Aspen bark has an astringent property, therefore, in case of stomach ulcers, a medicine based on this plant should be used and such methods should be used only after consulting a specialist.

This component can be used to make a decoction, tincture, extract for men. Traditional medicine experts assure that the bark can even be chewed to increase potency and this will also have a positive result.

What are the most effective recipes

  • bark (200 g) pour boiling water (1 l), leave for 40-50 minutes, drink 100 ml 3 times a day (shelf life - 2 days);
  • propolis extract is mixed in equal amounts with a decoction of aspen bark, taken in 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day
  • Pour aspen bark with alcohol, leave for 2 weeks, take 50 g of tincture before meals, no more.

Folk remedies for increasing potency are effective and give a positive result with reduced libido. You can use various methods - massage, gymnastics. But in any case, in order not to harm yourself, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Increasing potency with folk remedies in men is effective if you take the recommended methods regularly and constantly. But at the same time, methods that increase male libido are only an auxiliary, preventive method. If a prostate or adenoma is diagnosed, then folk recipes can in no way be the main treatment. Using such simple methods, a man will be able to quickly restore his health.