Natural ways to increase potency

Increased potency excites both men and their second halves. After all, sexual activity for many is in the first place, and the moment when problems appear that prevent pleasure from intercourse can become tragic in its own way. These problems can be associated with the physiological characteristics of the body, and with psychological experiences. And a sex therapist or a psychotherapist can help.

But as a rule, men do not address the delicate problem of how to restore potency to a specialist and try to solve it on their own, taking synthetic drugs that increase potency. Such tablets have only one advantage: the effect comes quickly.

At a certain age, everyone should know how to increase potency in men in natural ways, without taking medications. To do this, you can resort to general healing methods.

why potency decreases and how to increase it in natural ways

Physical methods

Physical methods that restore former masculine strength include the following methods.


If you want to know how to restore an erection, it is enough to know the methods of healing the body. Well, this is facilitated by massage, both general and special.

Acupressure massage

You can quickly increase potency thanks to a combination of fortifying and acupressure - directly to increase erection. In this case, you can not take drugs that stimulate potency. The health-improving effect arises from the impact on biologically active points. They are located on the body symmetrically and in pairs.

Most of them are on stops. Therefore, in order to know how to increase potency, you need to study which points to act on. The points in the center of the heel, on the inner lateral surface of the heel, just above the bone, between the tailbone and the lower back in the lower back, closer to the spine on both sides, are responsible for potency. You can carry out such a massage yourself, the main thing is to do it regularly.

Get into a comfortable position, preferably sitting. Place your hands on your lower back, palms on your back, with your thumbs on your stomach. The massage consists in moving the hands to the active point and kneading it with the middle fingers.

Such massage, provided that it is carried out regularly, will help solve the problem of how to increase potency.

Testicular and scrotum massage

The basic rule during the procedure is the complete absence of pain and discomfort. Keep your hands, scrotum, and testicles warm. As a result of this type of massage, the quality of sperm and its quantity are improved, and the potency in men increases.

When carrying out massage in order to increase potency, it is necessary to perform kneading, patting, stroking, stretching movements. The duration of the procedure varies from 5 minutes to an hour. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to carry out about 30 testicular contractions daily. With age, the number of contractions should be increased. Thanks to this, erection is restored.

Stagnation occurs in places where pain is felt. This does not mean that massage in this area should be stopped. It is enough to weaken the impact, while increasing the duration of the massage.

Before starting a massage of the testicles and scrotum, it is necessary to consult a doctor to make sure that there are no diseases of the genitourinary system, since in some of them it is contraindicated. Therefore, the question of how to improve potency should be solved in a different way. For example, a doctor may recommend taking special drugs that quickly increase potency.


Such exercises are aimed at improving blood circulation in the penis, activating the work of the cavernous muscles that prevent the outflow of blood at the moment of arousal. This will allow you to have a long-lasting stable erection. Moreover, the effect comes quickly enough.

Complex for increasing potency consists of 6 exercises:

  • walking in place with knees raised high, trying to press them to the stomach, while the arms are lowered down along the body;
  • incomplete squats, hands are on the belt; lingering in this position, alternately squeeze and unclench the muscles of the anus;
  • running on the spot, while trying not to pull the socks off the floor;
  • take a lying position, bend your knees, raise and lower your pelvis, resting your feet on the floor;
  • lying on the floor, bend your knees and slightly push them apart, then alternately squeeze and relax the muscles between the anus and testicles;
  • sitting on a chair, lean forward slightly, while relaxing the muscles; try to draw in the area between the scrotum and the anus, but the muscles of the buttocks should be completely relaxed.

Increased potency occurs only with regular exercise.

Kegel Exercise

This exercise was originally designed for women to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It was prescribed to those patients who suffered from urinary incontinence. However, a little later, another effect was noticed - an improvement in the functionality of the genitourinary system in general, and the restoration of potency in men in particular.

A muscle is subject to training, which can be felt during volitional urinary retention. It is located between the anus and the scrotum.

Having learned to control this muscle, the exercises can be done up to three times a day, 15 contractions at a time. In this case, inhale while contracting, exhale when relaxing. A gradual increase in the number of exercises and an acceleration of their rhythm are recommended.

Therapeutic Diet

If you do not know how to increase potency, there is the easiest way - correction of the diet. The health of the body in general and sexual health in particular depends on nutrition. The following foods that need to be eaten regularly will quickly help to increase potency:

  • containing protein: nuts, dairy products, fish, meat (with the exception of fatty pork);
  • seafood, especially crustaceans (lobster, shrimp) and seaweed;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs (affect potency due to the high content of vitamins);
  • spices for potency, which are added to tea and other drinks (thyme, anise);
  • eggs in any form;
  • honey (can be mixed with nuts).

Some products will have to be abandoned to increase potency in men. First of all, it is required to forever forget about energy drinks and caffeinated drinks (including coffee itself), since they increase the load on the heart. Because of this, problems with blood vessels may appear, as a result of which the restoration of potency may be required. It is recommended to limit the use of pasta, potatoes, sausages, baked goods (it is better to choose bread made from wholemeal rye flour). And completely stop drinking alcohol.

In addition, correction of the diet is needed if a man suffers from excess weight. After all, extra pounds reduce testosterone levels and increase estrogen (female hormone) levels. And this directly affects the strengthening of potency and its weakening. A combination of diet correction and exercise can help you lose weight. However, you should not take questionable weight loss drugs, and even more drugs for building muscle mass.

Lifestyle change

If you do not know how to increase potency, you need to change your usual lifestyle. After all, he (if the doctor did not diagnose the disease) and led to sexual dysfunction.

Try to take steps to increase physical activity, especially if you are in a sedentary profession. It is recommended to take periodic exercise breaks during the working day.

Give up bad habits, smoking and drinking coffee. Spend as much time as possible outdoors, for example, you can go home from work not by subway, but on foot.

Get enough sleep. An increase in potency will come only if the duration of sleep is at least 8 hours. In addition, it is worth taking care of the recreation conditions. Sleep should take place in complete silence and darkness.

Psychological Methods

Very often problems with potency arise against the background of psychological experiences. They can be associated with unsuccessful sexual intercourse in the past, lack of confidence in their attractiveness and sexual capabilities, too strict upbringing. In this case, you will not be able to get rid of impotence on your own, you need the help of doctors. Moreover, consultation of a sex therapist or psychotherapist is needed in any case, regardless of the reason for the loss of male power.

In order not to think about how to improve potency, avoid stressful situations, strong experiences (both negative and positive). Stress inhibits the sexual function of the male body. This is due to the desire of the body to continue the race only in favorable conditions.

The effectiveness of increasing potency increases if you approach this issue in a comprehensive manner. The combination of methods is only beneficial. And you shouldn't prescribe yourself and take means to increase potency on your own. Although they act quickly, the effect does not last long.