Vitamins necessary to improve potency - how to support your man in failure?

Today, there are many factors that have a detrimental effect on male strength - environmental conditions, bad habits, unbalanced nutrition, and possibly even heredity.

The reproductive system will work without interruption if all nutrients are balanced in the body, including often it is useful to additionally take vitamins to improve reproductive function in men.

For every man, erectile function is very important, therefore, a strong half of humanity is anxious about their health and is acutely experiencing failures associated with sexual disorders. However, one should take into account the fact that even with ideal health, close to 20% of all male sexual intercourses end in failure. This can be influenced by many factors such as stress, fatigue, or even an unsightly partner, but the main role is played by excitement, especially before the first intercourse.

Quite often, representatives of the stronger sex ask themselves what vitamins are needed for men to support sexual functions, this is what our article today is about.

Increasing the potency

To maintain erectile function, and overall health, initially, a man should eat right, give up bad habits, lead an active, healthy lifestyle. In the conditions of modern life, many people fail to adhere to all the recommended rules, and then vitamins come to the rescue, additionally taken to increase potency in men.

A balanced intake of vitamin preparations containing C, B, A, D, E, as well as important microelements such as selenium and zinc is required. The pharmaceutical industry produces a wide range of such complexes, and it will not be difficult to buy vitamins at a pharmacy. However, it will not be superfluous to know which foods contain these nutrients and what role they play in sexual function.

  • Ascorbic acid (C)- expands blood vessels, normalizing blood flow to the genitals. Contained in citrus varieties, currants, rose hips, bell peppers, cabbage, herbs.
  • Vitamin Dfor male potency - must be bought and taken to produce testosterone and sperm, its deficiency manifests itself in muscle weakness. Source of sunlight, fish oil, yolk, cheeses, butter.
  • Representatives of group B- increase the synthesis of testosterone, use fermented milk and seafood, carrots, all kinds of nuts.
  • Retinol (A)- increase reproductive function and overall immunity. They are rich in orange vegetables, fat and fish liver, eggs, butter.
  • Vitamin Efor potency - he is in charge of the endocrine gland, the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the maturation of sperm and the creation of sex hormones. It is found in nuts, eggs, meat and dairy products, soy, spinach.

The daily menu of all men should consist of products containing such essential vitamins D, C, A, B, E for potency.

What can be purchased at the pharmacy

For those who, for one reason or another, cannot provide themselves with adequate nutrition, pharmacology produces male vitamins for potency.

Special vitamin complexes are sold in pharmacies, the components of which are all the necessary minerals, trace elements, as well as nutrients to improve reproductive functions. Those men who have significantly decreased the quality of erection, as well as lost sexual desire, and their vitality is not at the highest level, are shown to buy these complexes.

Substances that increase erectile functions and contained in the preparations prevent premature ejaculation, allowing a man to have a full sexual intercourse, which increases self-confidence. Extracts from plants plus a whole range of nutrients improve blood circulation in the genital area, as well as the production of hormones. Vitamin preparations to improve potency may be contraindicated for those who have an individual intolerance to the components of the preparations.

In addition, in the pharmacy, you can buy an oily solution of tocopherol (vitamin E) with the addition of the necessary minerals zinc and selenium. These vitamins are completely harmless, but you should still see a doctor before taking any drug. Tocopherol is taken by the course at the first signs of sexual dysfunction. They use it for a month, then take a break for the same time and start taking the drug again. Typically, patients experience significant improvements after two weeks of administration. Vitamins strengthen blood vessels, normalizing blood circulation and blood flow to the genitals, in addition, it contributes to the production of sperm.

Representatives of the stronger sex who have not reached the age of forty when buying multivitamin complexes should pay attention to the content of B vitamins in them, since they are important for the potency of men of this age category. They help the production of sex hormones, improve the quality and mobility of sperm, which will subsequently help to conceive a healthy baby.

For those over 45

What vitamins for men from 45 to 55 years old to increase potency: retinol tocopherol and ascorbic acid, which, acting as antioxidants, will help slow down the aging process. They can also be bought at pharmacy kiosks, after consulting a doctor. Therefore, multivitamin preparations should contain precisely these beneficial substances.

Also in the pharmacy you can buy a solution of calciferol, these vitamins are also necessary to enhance potency. The oily substance with the addition of a mineral complex promotes the production of testosterone by the body, normalizes the production of sperm, and also increases muscle activity. This drug is especially necessary for men whose age has stepped over 55 years. In addition to the fact that these vitamins serve to increase potency, they prevent the development of osteoporosis, maintain normal heart and nervous systems, normalize blood pressure, and relieve irritability.

So, we have found out what vitamins are needed to increase potency at a given age. However, the key to success is nevertheless in proper nutrition, moderate physical activity and the absence of bad habits, only in this case the potency "will not leave" the man for many years.