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Erogan - pills to increase potency


Erogan – pills to increase potency for men of all ages. Help to eliminate violations that occur at different stages of the sexual act from arousal to orgasm.

Erogan for potency solves several problems, therefore, can be recommended for medicinal purposes and to prevent the emergence of the first calls warning of possible failures in the male body. The earliest signs include:

  • Weak sexual desire or its absence;
  • The reduction of the duration of intimate contact;
  • Failure of penile erection during sexual intercourse, or before it begins;
  • Reduced sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • Problems with ejaculation;
  • Lack of emotion during sex.

Erogan in its composition contains only natural vegetable ingredients, including the well-known ancient aphrodisiac Muira Puama. The drug to cope with minor deviations as well as more serious disorders, up to impotence caused by age-related changes or stress factors.

Due to this Erogan has a minimum number of contraindications and side effects are only in overdose.Natural substances not only tone up the muscle tissue of the reproductive system, and normalize the blood circulation inside of them.

Erogan has a positive impact on the reproductive function:

  • Increases the level of testosterone;
  • Normalizes the overall hormonal balance;
  • Improves the quality of seminal fluid.

After regular use Erogan the man disappears the problem of premature ejaculation and erection becomes stable, and the duration of sex increased two to three times. Erogan in pill suits men of all ages. The product does not cause side effects in the presence of chronic diseases of the heart and liver. Active components do not accumulate in the plasma. Moreover, they are compatible with other medicinal substances.

Erogan can be taken in combination with alcoholic drinks. Quality treatment of erectile dysfunction and improve libido biological additive is recommended to drink regularly throughout the four weeks. Prolonged use of the pills do not cause addiction in the patient.

Clinical studies Erogan

Manufacturer Erogan was the clinical studies group of volunteers who have problems with potency varying degrees. The results shocked the medical community: the effect has surpassed all the currently available means to restore potency.

Total deliverance from problems were observed:

  • Under unstable erection in 94% of cases
  • When there is insufficient vozbuzhdenii in 88% of cases
  • When early ejaculation in 91% of cases
  • At low sensitivity and weak orgasms in 98% of cases

Studies involving 190 men with various disorders of the sexual sphere proved the effectiveness of taking Erogan.

How does Erogan

Action Erogan
  1. The first day of admission Erogan

    You experience significant recovery of physical strength and strong sexual desire. Increases blood flow to the genitals, which allows for quick stone erection.
  2. Two weeks Erogan

    Normalizes the level of sex hormones, reduced modern way of life. Erection becomes stable and long. The sex is extended, the feeling amplified up to 4 times! You and your partner experiencing multiple and long orgasms!
  3. A 30-day course Erogan

    Due to the cumulative effect sexual function entirely to normal. You are in a constant state of combat readiness. Anywhere. At any time. With any partner!

Instant action immediately after the first application Erogan.

Full recovery of sexual function within 30 days.

  1. First week - Persistent strong erection after the first application in 97% of cases!
  2. Second week - the Restoration of balance of male hormones, anxiety, and libido is increased by 4 times!
  3. Third week - Ensured a steady supply of blood to the organs, which provides a snapshot of the excitement of the penis!
  4. Fourth week for Full restoration of sexual function. Combat readiness 24/7. Stone erection and powerful libido!

The composition of the tablets Erogan

Composition Erogan

100% natural composition Erogan makes it a unique product designed to improve male potency. For manufacture of tablets are used are carefully selected and tested ingredients.

Composition of tablets:

Component Properties
Ginseng root Promotes attraction to the opposite sex and increase the duration of sexual intercourse by stimulating endurance. The extract of this plant tones adding energy and strength. Ginseng is also gentle on the nervous system, allowing you to reduce stress and normalize emotional state.
Pine bark Antibacterial component that prevents the development of bacterial infections of the reproductive organs. Positive effect on blood circulation, providing inflow to the blood vessels of the penis, thus improving erections.
Cornflower Returns the libido, increases the potency, regulates the synthesis of male sex hormones.
Muira Puama Natural aphrodisiac, which is considered one of the most effective in the treatment of male impotence. Helps to restore erections, increases duration of sexual contact increases attraction to women, contributes to a strong and bright orgasms in both partners.
L-arginine Amino acid involved in the processes of circulation of fluids, including blood. Restores the supply of blood vessels, ensures a long-lasting erection.

The efficacy and safety of all ingredients proven in clinical trials in the UK. Formula Erogan has more than 14 patents.

Use Erogan

Instruction Erogan

Make Erogan need given the age characteristics of men. Below: the time recommended for admission and the number of medications according to age:

  • Young men (under 35 years). The potential of the body at this age is quite high, and thus the impact will be insignificant. In the primary stages of the disease and prophylactic take 1 thing, 1 time per day. If there are already significant violations, tablets in the shell are prescribed for 1 piece, 2 times a day. Make through the day.
  • The average age (40-50 years). During this period, already showing symptoms of age. Resistance to stress lower symptoms of chronic fatigue. This group will need more intensive treatment. In the weak forms Erogan is recommended to drink 1 thing 1 time a day, with pronounced symptoms and 1 piece, 2 times a day. Make daily.
  • Seniors (over 50 years). At this age, men are even less resistant to physical and mental stress. Large doses of the medication better not to use. Prophylactic and early manifestations of the disease, tablets Erogan assign 1 thing 1 time a day. When apparent violations, the means used for 1 piece, 2 times a day. Make through the day.
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The opinion of the doctor

Dr. Oliver

21 years
Medicine Erogan appeared on the pharmaceutical market in the UK recently, but managed to prove himself as an effective tool in the fight against erectile dysfunction. For me, as a doctor, it is important that the tablets are absolutely harmless and can be taken without consulting the specialists. Pills Erogan does not have contraindications and does not have a negative impact on the body. All components of the drug are selected so that ideally complement and reinforce each other's action, together producing a good therapeutic effect.